Categories of WizRecords

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  1. Longest Party
  2. Highest Party Attendance
  3. Most gold spend on one item
  4. Most crowns invested in Malistaire's chest
  5. Most crowns invested in Dragon's Hoard Pack
  6. Most expensive hatch
  7. Rarest Pet
  8. Rarest Bazaar item
  9. Most crowns in possession of one person
  10. Fastest PvE battle
  11. Fastest PvP battle
  12. Longest PvE battle
  13. Longest PvP battle
  14. Fastest completion of a dungeon
  15. Slowest completion of a dungeon
  16. Most healing in one spell - PvE
  17. Most healing in one spell - PvP
  18. Most damage in one spell - PvE
  19. Most damage in one spell - PvP
  20. Highest plant tower (number of levels of plants)
  21. Highest number of pets total
  22. Highest number of pets of any single type of pet
This is a starter list. As of the date of the launching of this website, no records have been established. Please feel free to suggest new records or variations of record categories to the e-mail address above.