Rules for WizRecords

  1. Records should have a screen shot, or they probably won't be considered. Under special circumstances decided by the site owner on a case-by-case basis, records may be included if they don't  have a screen shot. 
  2. All records submitted must have a minimum of three witnesses. This can be via their screen shots. The witnesses should e-mail their screen shots to (at) In the subject line of your e-mail, the person submitting it and the witnesses you should list the name of the wizard who is submitting the record for himself or herself and if possible include the name of the record you are saying you set.
  3. Any requests for a new, previously unlisted record must be e-mailed to (at) This means you can't submit them via Twitter or send a link to another website with your screen shot. If it's not e-mailed, it won't be considered.
  4. Records based on battle (example: most damage) can be held by NPC enemies as well as wizards.
  5. If you attempt to fool us you will banned from having records listed on this site, and any records you have already had listed on the site will be removed.